Friday, August 31, 2012


Transitions have always been hard for me...and this year has been full of amazing, great, difficult, and challenging ones.

Yesterday I was standing in the hall during passing period and the teacher next door said, "So you decided to get married AND start teaching all within the same month?" Me: "I guess so!"

Andrew and I have been married for a little over a month now and it has been a great ride so far! We spent our honeymoon at Big Cedar Lodge on Table Rock Lake in Missouri. It was beautiful!

We had planned to do lots of fun things like horseback riding and jet-skiing, but it was either way too hot or we weren't old enough to rent something. So honestly we spent every day at the lazy river and we watched a ton of the Olympics.

Less than a week after we got back, I started my job teaching Spanish....I love it. I have about 160 kids that I see every day. We have hourly scheduling instead of block, which I also like a lot. God has been tugging on my heart for these kids and I am realizing every day how blessed I am to get to have a whole year of impact on 160 of His's insane to me. I am trying like crazy to plan good lessons, impact these kids, and spend time with my husband and with God.

It's already been a month and I am finally just about done decorating my room. A lot of my friends are elementary teachers and their rooms are all so cutesy and stuff...but for high school that's not the case so I tried to do as much as possible without being overbearing.

Here is my bulletin board. I am so glad I teach Spanish because it gives me an excuse to talk about my favorite thing ever...Casas. The school I work in is brand new and opened just last year. My classroom is pretty big as I have 31 students in a couple classes. I also have two white boards and a SmartBoard, a computer desk and a writing/grading desk. So I am pretty spoiled. One of my favorite things to do is celebrate birthdays so I have another board dedicated to that. We sing, they get a pencil, and they get to wear the "Hoy es mi cumpleaƱos" star (today is my birthday). You'd be surprised at how many kids like to wear it all day!
Anyways, I know this is super brief but I am running out to my next thing! I love working here and I can't wait to see what God has in store for my life!