Thursday, November 28, 2013


It's been a while since I've written anything...probably because I wanted to have something worthwhile to post. And I've been insanely busy!

It's Thanksgiving and I wanted to write about something that I'm thankful for, but first I just have to voice some frustrations...weird on Thanksgiving, right? But I promise they won't be selfish frustrations. I hope. Call me out if I'm wrong.

Now, I have a TON to be thankful for. A ton. But here is what's been on my mind for the last week or so:

Lately, all of these posts have been circling about how amazing teachers are for doing what they do. You scroll down to read the comments and all these people are arguing about how teachers have it easy and then someone comes back with name-calling and some clever insults and the reasons why teachers are the best.

Here's my frustration: I'm kinda tired of seeing all the articles about how teachers work harder than everyone else. I chose this job. Yes, I work upwards of 60 hours a week. Yes, I work without pay at night and on weekends. Yes, I deal with attitude and kids writing on my back wall and kids covering their desk in Elmer's glue (whole 'nother story). And I won't complain about my salary because I believe my district works hard to pay me well, but yes, many teachers make next to nothing. But I chose this job. I could have chosen something that was easier. I didn't go into teaching thinking I'd come out a millionaire. I didn't go in thinking all my students would love me all the time. I didn't go in thinking I'd never have to work at night or on the weekends.

Now, don't get me wrong. Teaching is an amazing profession, and yes, it's hard. The burnout rate is high for a reason. But can we please stop bragging and angering people even more towards us as teachers? The last thing that we need is less support because people think that teachers believe they're better than others.

Today as I woke up on Thanksgiving (in my bed, next to my husband, with the sun already up, buried under my warm blankets), I thought of all the people who will work today, some because they are forced to, some because they need to in order to make ends meet. I believe that some teachers are heroes, definitely. But our jobs are no better or harder than the doctor who has to tell a mom that her child didn't make it; we're no better than those serving in Afghanistan and dying for our country; we're no better than the people who work in a restaurant and are constantly griped at by customers; we're no better than the policemen who face danger every time they go in to work. Each of us was made for something different. I chose this. I know it's hard, but others work hard too. Are there jobs out there that are stinkin' easy? Yes. But what right do I have to say that my job is better when I could have chosen something easy? (Does this make any sense?)

So today, I'm thankful not only for my job (difficult as it may be sometimes), but for the people whose jobs are infinitely harder than mine will ever be. Thank you to everyone who serves our country and protects us. Thank you to those who work so we can have these days off. You are appreciated more than you know.

Happy Thanksgiving