Friday, April 1, 2011

where we belong.

Since the time we start school we have this longing in us to find where we belong. This longing is what breaks hearts and tears apart friendships in middle school, brings friends back together in high school, and sets our nerves on end when we leave for college. It is amazing to me the things people will do in order to feel like they fit in, and I've been one of those people. The person who breaks someone's heart because they just don't fit into your definition of "cool."

What if what we're searching for isn't something material? Although I'm only 22, I can tell you that what you're looking for isn't money. It's not a big house or a Mercedes-Benz or the top spot in a company. Because when you achieve these things, you will still feel empty.

Now these things aren't bad things, but they can become bad things when they take the place of what we're really searching for. They become bad when they keep us from being obedient to Christ.

When I returned from Mexico last week it was hard for me to get back into my daily routine. I didn't want to put on makeup and get dressed up. I didn't want to make sure my hair looked perfect.

Why do we chase things that aren't real or that don't last? Flawless faces and happiness in money and identity in the brand of clothing we wear.

I can tell you there is only one place that true, eternal happiness is found. And that is in the pursuit of the heart of God.

I belong where God's heart is. I belong serving the poor alongside brothers and sisters in Christ. I miss the feeling of callused hands and dirty nails, the feeling of sweat pouring down my back and forehead, the feeling of not being sure when I'll be clean again or when I will get to shower. Because it's in these times that I realize that there is more to life than fancy cars and big houses. And you will see it when you spend time with the poor, the orphans, and the widows. God didn't call us to serve them just because. I believe he called us to serve them because it is in them that we begin to see him. We begin to find where we belong.

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