Monday, May 23, 2011


Today I hit the library because I was bored. I love the library. Sharisse's sister and I agree that having a library-scented candle would the totally awesome. I especially like the teen books section. I just can't get into a lot of the grown up stuff yet! I love to spend some time diving into Meg Cabot or Lurlene McDaniel. My roommate Sarah and I have a mutual love for Lurlene. Journey of Hope was my inspiration to go into missions. Not kidding. You should check it out. But you will cry.

As I was scanning the shelves for nothing in particular I noticed a girl sitting in a chair at the end of the bookshelf. She was probably five-ish. And she was flipping through a magazine called M-14 or something like that. I don't even know. But she stopped on a page with a girl wearing almost nothing, skin shiny, long wavy hair and a flawless face. She stared at the picture for a while, and I can't help but wonder what was going through her little mind. That is just the beginning for most little girls. And they don't even realize it. (I realize that it is not proper to start sentences with the word "and," but I like the way it looks. Besides, famous authors do it.)

Anyways, that was my observation for the day. It kinda tore at my heart. Because the woman in the picture is who all girls strive to be but will never achieve. Photoshoppers call it art. I can't say I agree.

Dove puts these videos up and I like some of them. I know there's a whole argument about what Dove stands for because their products are like ruining the world or something (I don't know the story) but I like the videos because they are true. You can watch some of them on of them in particular is really good but has some nudity/plastic surgery/kinda graphic stuff so I didn't want to post it on here.

"By the grace of God, I am what I am." - 1 Corinthians 15:10

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