Monday, January 17, 2011

new year. new goals.

well. this is it. i am finally putting the smackdown on facebook. i can't explain to you how much i hate the amount of time i spend on there. i love the fact that i get to talk to friends and family and see what's going on, but seriously...i spend WAY too much time on facebook when i could be studying for school or studying scripture.

i am not really a resolution type of person, but these are some goals i have for myself this year:
- finish the OKC marathon in 4:20...or just finish it
- memorize the book of Colossians. Seriously. Some people have the entire Bible memorized and there are times I can't even think of one verse.
- meet with my accountability girls every saturday morning. talk about Christ. talk about life. we have this all set up and i really can't wait!
- spend much less time on facebook. it is seriously an addiction and i don't want it taking over my life anymore.
- not be a procrastinator. i have a 2500 word spanish paper due in May...written over the 700 page novel that i am now reading. i will not save this till the last minute. i will not save this till the last minute. i will not save this till the last minute. i have NEVER pulled an all-nighter and i will not start this semester.
- and the biggest goal (and hardest...but i'm always striving for this one): look more like Christ. have an good attitude. love all people. see people for who they are. control my temper. be an example for other women and girls. at work. at school. teaching esl. in my apartment.

on a random note: i miss summer. i miss running until i am drenched because it's so hot. i miss those cold vanilla rootbeers and cherry limeades from sonic happy hour. i miss my chacos. i miss nike shorts. i miss painted toes and tanlines. i miss laying by the pool on a towel and feeling the heat from the concrete underneath me. i miss hopping on my bike and going somewhere. i miss tubing (i haven't been boating or tubing or water-skiing in maybe 5 years).

but. spring semester is here. and may will be here before i know it. lots of people to love on and impact in the next few months.


  1. Amazing goals! Best of Luck and im here for you if you need help with any of it.

  2. Praise God! I'm praying that His strength carries you through to the completion of HIS work, even if that means some of these perhaps don't happen. May your year be full of His blessings!