Monday, January 31, 2011

intern program.

Well, the deadline is quickly approaching for the new interns who will apply to work with Casas por Cristo this summer. A few years ago Casas was in a good place financially because over 300-400 houses were going up each year, but with the media coverage increasing in Juarez, people are becoming afraid and last year Casas did 200 homes (which is still a miracle, but with a three-year waiting list I am praying that even more houses go up this year).

In order to have enough money to hire interns, Casas has to do some fundraising this year. You can read about some of my experiences HERE.

It is honestly one of the best things I have ever It breaks my heart that I can't go back this summer, but I'm hoping some new interns have just as awesome of an experience as I did. This summer they are going to hire seven interns, and this is what they need to help cover the cost. (the numbers are for all interns for the whole summer, not interns individually).

1. Scholarships: $9,000

- Each intern receives a scholarship at the end of the summer.

2. Training (materials to build): $1,000

- Interns have two weeks of training with each other and staff members and then one week with a staff member.

3. Training (food/water): $700

4. Handbooks/supplies: $700

- Each intern receives a handbook that has hints for Spanish and house-building, and other things for the summer like a backpack, pens, Spanish Bible, and journal.

5. Retreat: $2000

- Last year, like I wrote about in my blog, we got to go to the Grand Canyon thanks to donations. It was seriously awesome and definitely well-needed after a long summer!

If you'd like to donate you can do so by sending a check (with "intern program" on the memo-line and made out to Casas por Cristo):

Casas por Cristo

PO Box 971070

El Paso, TX 79997

OR you can donate online at

Make sure to specify in the notes section what your donation is for. (intern program - scholarships, intern-program - materials)

Please consider giving so that other future interns can have the same life-changing experience as I did.

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